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Welcome to the National Martial Arts Association website. We are known worldwide as a leading martial arts organization that is dedicated to the preservation of traditional martial arts while embracing change. Our honbu dojo is located at: 8648 West 103rd Street, Palos Hills. IL. 60465 USA.

Membership is open to all styles of Martial Arts. Join the NMAA today and become part of a growing martial arts family.

The NMAA's Mission is to provide and facilitate quality training opportunities for all our members world-wide. Members are eligible to receive black belt certificates and student rank certificates, black belt promotions, instructor certification, organization and dojo charters, and association patches. Membership is open to all styles, systems, and forms of Martial Arts. We are a "NO POLITICS" association where rank is earned through years of training.

The NMAA accepts all legitimate traditionally based and modern martial arts styles.

Some of the benefits of membership to the NMAA include:

  • Self Defense Training
  • Full Contact Sparring (with safety equip)
  • Point Sparring (with safety equip)
  • Kata Training
  • Kobudo Training
  • Rank Certification
  • Dojo/School Charters
  • Branch Chief in your style
  • Low membership and promotion fees

The board of directors of the NMAA include Hanshi, Kyoshi, Shihan and Renshi from across the world, with decades of experience.

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All certifications are validated and approved by our Internationally recognized Board of Directors. These directors are professional leaders within their own karate system, or style of karate or martial art. We are committed to quality martial arts instruction, training, and rank recognition and certification.

If you are interested in joining a "NO POLITICS" association, for you, and/or your students, where membership fees, training and promotion certificates, are all at sensible prices, and where the most important part of membership is training and learning, then please contact us today at: contact us today to become part of our premier organization.